Bump Key Help: Quick Tips

You're in for a treat - all of the Bump Keys you've picked up have been cut
and modified to try and ensure the best possible bumping experience.
There are a few things you should be aware of before you begin bumping.

  1. Using more power / force / tension on the key is not beneficial. Newer bumpers tend to use too much turning force on the key. To use our products, use less tension than what would be needed to open a lock with a 'normal key'.  Once the pins inside the lock 'bump up' the lock will be free and turn easily.
  2. We really do suggest re-reading #1.  Use as little tension on the key as possible. Attempting to turn the keys with too much force while bumping hinders the operation of a bump key as the pins will not be freely gliding up and down.
  3. Use our bump key o-rings in between the key and the lock to rapidly reset the key back into the starting position while applying slight tension. If the lock does not open after 2-5 bumps, release tension on the key (which resets the pins) and then try again.
  4. ENJOY!

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