Return Information

We strive to ensure you're totally satisfied and happy with your order so we ensure that our product descriptions, pictures, and policies are clear and in-depth. For most products we are able to accept returns on a case-by-case basis. Please understand that the inability to properly use the tools offered on our site does not necessarily mean that it is "broken" or "defective". Most of the tools stocked are designed for use by professionals and do require a certain skill set to properly operate. In most cases returns for being unable to to "unlock a lock" will result in the RMA either being delayed or not able to go through.

All items, unless otherwise specified, are eligible for return for a period no longer than 30 days. Non-defective products with an RMA number returned within 30 days may be charged a shipping fee and a restocking fee. Even though there may have been originally "free shipping" - which means we covered the entire cost of shipping - there still may be a shipping charge and a restocking fee; the restocking fee will not exceed 30%. When making returns all items, even those included "free of charge", must be returned for the RMA to be processed.

If there is an issue with manufacturing we will surely be there to help ensure you are completely satisfied!

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